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How To Clean Litter Robot Globe

Take the litter robot apart. Once the globe is empty, remove it from the base, along with the bonnet if there is one.

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Once you're finished cleaning the globe, be sure that it is completely dry before adding litter.


How to clean litter robot globe. If necessary, use a vacuum to siphon away any litter granules stuck in these areas. Wash & wipe your litter robot wipe the base down The carbon filter should be removed from the waste drawer and rinsed out or replaced.

To wash the litter robot use a soft hand soap without triclosan. We do not encourage using bleach products on the unit due to bleach being very corrosive to any metal components. Place the globe (and bonnet where applicable) back on the base, turn the power on, and press the cycle button.

With two hands, lift the globe off the base. Hook the liner around the left and right entry hooks while pushing down and pulling the liner slack back towards the inside of the globe. Do not submerge the base or bonnet in water.

Press cycle once again to resume the cleaning cycle. Wash the globe, the waste drawer, and the carbon filter with gentle soap and water. You can also press the cycle button to start a clean cycle.

Using a brush or broom, remove any access litter and press any button to return the globe to the home position. In order to pause the cycle, press any button on the control panel during the clean cycle. It takes about 2 minutes.

The patented sifting system separates the clumps from the clean litter and deposits them into the waste drawer below. Remove the globe from the base, remove the tray. It’s easy to take apart the litter robot.

Look for the green circuit board within the waste port of the base. There are no electronics in the globe, so you can soak it in a tub or hose it down. How to clean a litter robot open air easy, in 20 minutes.

Empty the litter inside the litter robot by pressing the “empty” on the control panel. Turn the power button off, so that your settings are saved and unplug. While the globe and waste drawer are dry, you can use a vacuum to remove excess dry litter.

Press and release the snap tabs on both sides of the bonnet, then lift and rotate the bonnet off of the globe and carefully set it aside. Snap in the center of the lip around the entrance of the globe. This guide has step by step instructions works on all litter robots, not just the open air 3.

Pop the weight into place on the underside of the liner. Once complete, brush any remaining litter through the waste port, then press the reset button to return the globe to the home We recommend cleaning the inside of the globe every one to three months.

Bang the litter out the tray and use the hose of a vacuum to remove the litter in the base and other parts. This substance is really poisoning for cats and even though your pet may not touch the globe’s bottom due to the litter, it. Press the empty button to cycle the globe clockwise, which will allow the litter to fall through the waste port and into the drawer for easy disposal.

Remove the bonnet, globe, and waste drawer so that you can vacuum out any remaining litter granules. Before you wash the unit, brush out any excess litter. Triclosan is the chemical found in all the antibacterial products.

With all electronics, unplug your litter robot before you begin cleaning. Look for excess litter and clean accordingly where the globe usually rests. Empty all litter from the globe by pressing the empty button on the control panel.

This will help prevent litter streaking. Fit outer lip around the entry. We like to use a soft toilet brush to easily access the inside of the globe.

To clean your litter robot, first hit the “empty” button to release the litter into the waste bin.

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