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How To Prevent Broody Hens

You can remove eggs and take her off the nest, but a broody hen will usually come back and sit without eggs and may switch nests if she sees eggs other chickens have laid. The rule of thumb for a broody hen is to separate her from the rest of the flock into a brooding nest.

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This technique is great for trying to prevent broodiness in your hens as well as stopping a slightly broody hen.


How to prevent broody hens. Make sure the hens do not go back into the nesting box after they lay their eggs that day. Block the area or close the door of your chicken coop if your hen continues to go back inside the coop. Or, you can simply close the coop for a couple of days.

If you can prevent her from settling comfortably, she will stop being broody within a week or so. Collecting eggs regularly can prevent hens from going broody. Collect the eggs multiple times a day so there aren’t any lying in the nesting boxes for long.

It is good practice not to allow eggs to accumulate in a nest anyway to discourage broodiness in the. This is a natural way to break the chicken brooding. Preventing your hens from sleeping in the nesting boxes (especially sleeping in the nesting boxes on eggs that haven’t been collected) will help prevent broodiness from setting in.this also helps prevent parasites and infections from setting in, since the parasites are more active at night and prefer the dark, warm recesses of nesting boxes.

Breaking her broodiness in a few days is kinder than letting her sit and sit for weeks (or in some cases months) waiting for her to snap out of her broodiness imo. It may sound strange but making sure the hens are not bored can also reduce the risk of your hens becoming broody. This is because, despite the fact that they only leave the nest around once a day, you don’t want another hen to settle in her nest and force the broody hen to resettle elsewhere.

Solitary confinement (aka chicken jail) This will provide enough of a distraction that the brooding should be suspended. The trick is to construct a cage with a floor made of large wire mesh (at least 1″ squares).

How long does a chicken stay broody? It’s also a good way to stay on top of your egg production and to make sure your eggs aren’t broken. Try and distract the broody hen with treats:

A chicken that goes broody goes into an almost meditative state. Their instinct to brood is so strong that a hen will die from the heat before leaving the nest. The first step is to keep removing her from the nest.

Hang curtains or drape other material over the nesting box to conceal the eggs away from the hens sight. How do you stop a broody hen? How to 'break' a hen from being broody, and the broody cage or sin bin.

Broody hens stop laying eggs and lose condition, so if you don't plan for her to ra. Here are some preventative measures to discourage the broody behaviour before it occurs: During an average broody spell of 3 weeks incubating followed by raising chicks, a hen loses up to a 1/3 of her body weight.

How can i stop a broody hen? Using hens to produce chicks is much easier than using an incubator. Broken eggs can not only attract vermin and predators, but they can also threaten the cleanliness of your coop.

Hens normally go broody in the summer, in an enclosed space with little air flow (the nesting box). Mrs boss is a long termer. Oftentimes flock owners will use a dog kennel with no nesting and only food and water, (commonly referred to as a “chicken jail”), to separate and discourage a broody hen.

Collecting eggs regularly can help prevent hens from going broody, so don't neglect this important part of caring for your chickens. Always remember to wear gloves when removing a brooding hen to avoid injury. Put the cage on bricks so that the floor is suspended, keeping.

If you don’t do anything, your chicken will typically stay broody for about 21 days. She may decide to give up if you keep taking her off the nest and putting her outside. Some hens are fine again after thee days in the broody coop;

Blocking the area will force the hen into the run. The first step for stopping a broody hen is to move her from the nesting box. You can leave the broody hens outside and let the rest go inside.

Keeping your hen separated from the rest of the flock may seem unreasonable at first, but if you have one nest box, then your broody hen will refuse to allow the rest of your hens. Lift her and plonk her in the yard with the rest of. You can stop a broody hen by removing her from her nest, using a frozen water bottle, removing nesting material, separating her in a cage, or just giving her some fertile eggs to sit on.

That’s why having a location set aside for your hen may be a more preferred choice. Make the most of your brooding hens and buy some fertilized eggs so you can produce some chicks. This often require many attempts each day.

A more extreme measure is to close up the coop. Collect eggs as often as possible: This method, no matter how you see it, is by far the most effective of all methods that you can use to stop a hen from brooding.

Allowing the hens to roam freely may take her mind off the broody nature and encourage her to explore outside instead. This works best when you have more than one broody hen.

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