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How To Set A Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

Victor® electronic mouse trap instructions to set & place the mouse traps: How to set a victor easy set mouse trap.

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Setting up and baiting the victor electronic mouse trap is a process that uses two steps.


How to set a victor electronic mouse trap. Just add batteries and power it on! Rats are more cautious than mice and take time to trust traps. Capable of killing up to 10 mice per setting, the trap uses larger c batteries for operation.

Convenient led light alerts let you know when there's a catch, or when the batteries are low. Quickly and easily catch mice with this victor pest m250s electronic mouse trap! The victor electronic mouse trap is the ultimate in rodent control.

Start by making sure the trap is turned off. Simple to bait and set. [00:41] open kill chamber door and bait trap.

[01:04] the green light will flash when you've made a. Be sure the trap is in the “off” (o) position 2. Get a tiny bit of peanut butter, like a teaspoon, and put it on the wall opposite the opening.

Insert 4 “aa” batteries, replace the cover. You can use them as both live and kill traps. Empty the mouse when it dies;

Beveled columns hold the mouse in place for no escapes. The mice do not suffer at all. Familiarize your rats with the traps before you set them.

The m260 is the largest electronic trap model designed for mice. When you've noticed that the bait is gone, set the trap. The batteries come with the trap, so you won’t have to buy any separately.

Victor’s customer service team recommends using a toothpick to smear a small amount on the back wall. Press “connect”, then press the back button. Press the red “next” button to go to settings.

These traps can catch up to 15 mice at a time, and they make the process much quicker. Before beginning, make certain that the unit is off. Open battery compartment and properly insert batteries 4 “aa”.

[00:51] use toothpick or utensil to apply balt. Insert a small amount of peanut butter in the back of the kill chamber against the access holes 3. To empty, remove the kill.

If playback doesn't begin shortly,. Simply bait, place, turn on, then empty when caught. The revolutionary internal design of this trap prevents escapes, making it the best.

When you purchase a victor electronic mouse trap, you. For your convenience, it's also easy to use. The trap itself will just trap the mice inside, but you can add a glue floorboard to it, and turn it into a kill trap.

The trap’s action is quick, direct and instant. Quickly and easily catch mice with this victor pest m250s electronic mouse trap!select the trap, which is victor following by 15 alphanumeric digits.simply bait, place, turn on, then empty when caught. This mouse trap uses a high voltage shock to kill the mouse in seconds.

The steps to properly using this mouse trap are rather simple. Multi catch traps are useful for households where mice have managed to spread. It kills 1 mouse per setting and up to 100 mice per set.

This hygienic and humane mouse trap deactivates entirely upon opening, making it both safe and easy to use. Then, simply put a tiny bit of peanut butter on the back wall opposite of the opening. Select the trap, which is victor following by 15 alphanumeric digits.

Setting up the victor electronic mouse trap is as easy as 1, 2, 3! The trap is easy to operate. [00:58] close kill chamber door and power on.

To bait the electronic mouse trap, first make sure the trap is turned off. First, you’ll have to remove the battery cover and then put the 4 aa batteries in. Place the bait along the back wall of the trap in the bait trough provided.

Leave your traps out for a few days with bait without setting them the rats grow comfortable around them. Once you’ve replaced the battery cover, you’ll need to open the electronic mouse trap’s lid.

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